The Complete Book of Jewish Weddings




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So you’re getting married? Congratulations! Now what?
Skip the mishigas of wedding planning and get into the merriment with this indispensable guide to putting together the perfect Jewish wedding of your (not your mother-in-law’s…) dreams. From submitting the engagement announcement to the local newspaper to finding the perfect artistic rendering of your Ketubah, Lea Bayers Rapp takes you step-by-step through a wealth of information that covers every aspect of all sorts of Jewish weddings—including the traditional, the high-tech, the Old World with a new twist, egalitarian and interfaith.
Stress, schmess. Planning a wedding should be fun. Right?
Selecting rings. Telling family and friends. Finding a caterer. Choosing the perfect location for the ceremony and reception. Now it can all be done with a minimum of kvetching. You’ll find insider interviews with wedding professionals— jeweler, bridal gown executive, kosher caterer, and more—who can give you invaluable money-, time- and tsuris-saving advice on every last detail. Fun-filled pop quizzes that test your know-how on everything from Club Med to Klezmer, bridal style to Hebrew, and flower power to your “I Do’s” as Jews.
And they lived happily ever after…or so I heard.
Whether you’re planning a traditional wedding in Israel or an interfaith celebration at home, this hip, fabulously comprehensive book is the only resource you need to create the kind of wonderful, life-affirming wedding that makes everyone want to raise a glass and say, “Mazel Tov!” 
Lea Bayers Rapp is an award-winning author-journalist and lecturer and is the author of Put Your Kid in Show Biz. She has also been a columnist on American life for a number of newspapers and magazines and is a former editor of Marketing Insights. As a Jewish daughter, wife and mother, she has both yeshiva and secular backgrounds and writes from vast personal experience that includes constant joyous rounds of Bar and Bat mitzvahs, engagement parties, bridal showers and weddings. She lives in central New Jersey.

Here’s what the media is saying:

“An upbeat, down-to-earth, indispensable wedding planning guide for all streams of Judaism, The Complete Book of Jewish Weddings includes solid advice, fun quizzes, “insider” interviews with experts, and so much more.  It covers just about everything a bride and groom need to know–from their engagement through their wedding.”

“… fun to read. Includes great ideas and practical advice that takes you step-by-step through a wealth of information… –Cleveland Public Library, The Reading Room

“… gives everyone, no matter the economic level or religious denomination… informational tools, ideas, and the who’s and why’s of the process.” – Ajl  Association of Jewish Libraries Newsletter

 “When it comes to the practical considerations that a Jewish wedding entails…Rapp is at her best.” –Deborah Sussman Susser, Jewish News of Phoenix .

“…the only resource you need to create the …wonderful, life-affirming wedding that makes everyone want to…say, ‘Mazel Tov!”—Courier-Life’s Wedding Guide

“…upbeat, down-to-earth, indispensable…includes solid advice, fun quizzes, stories of real life brides and grooms, and ‘insider interviews’ …”

– Home Reporter and Sunset News
“As the country becomes a salad bowl of ethnicity,. . . Mazel Tov! can help unite, promote understanding. . .” – Greater Media Newspapers
“…an indispensable guide to life in the real world today.” –The South Amboy-Sayreville Times

“Rapp provides a wealth of practical advice…Checklists, timetables and suggestions for keeping costs in line are all included.” –Jewish Woman International

Mazel Tov! –A perfect guide to planning a wedding.” – The Jewish (Israeli) Magazine ( Canada )

“From Old World to high-tech, it covers just about everything a bride and groom need to know…” The Atom  Tabloid & Citizen~Gazette

“The Jewish planner for which I longed.” −

Meryl Ain, The Jewish Week

“…this hip, fabulously comprehensive book is an excellent resource…” – Annette Wexler, The Jewish State and The Speaker.

“This book really helped save our wedding.” – a reader review,

“…this is the perfect book  on how to plan the perfect wedding.” – a reader review, Barnes &

“…lighthearted and informative book…” –

“…the author gives attention to ceremonies, bridal parties, foods, limousines, clothing, honeymoons and pictures—all with Jewish perspectives.” – Suzanne Chessler, The Detroit Jewish News

“Her upbeat book … takes the prospective bride or groom from engagement to happily ever after, with a variety of checklists.” – Melissa Goldman, Baltimore Jewish Times

“”Book offers practical and humorous wedding advice. … provides information on both the Jewish and standard aspects…together in one source.” — Erin Cohen, Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle

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Put Your Kid in Show Biz
This book is considered by many to be the Bible of the children’s show-biz industry. Lea was a founding member of the New York Children’s Committee of the Screen Actors Guild and has lectured on the topic at the college level. 

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Here’s what the media is saying:

“…a necessary guide for all those who think they detect some sign of stardom in their youngsters.” –The New York Times

“Her advice is wide-ranging, eminently practical, and in fact, indispensable…” –Diana Serra Cary, The San Diego Union

“This book…is an everything-you-need-to-know guide to the children’s and teen acting and modeling fields…This book is must reading…”  Screen Actor News